Patagonia to Peru: The Food

Flan with dulce de leche
03_cake from frutillar chile
Cake from Frutillar, Chile
04_alfajores from the side of the road near bariloche
Homemade alfajores outside of Bariloche, Argentina
08_fresh fish in puerto cisnes chile patagonia
Fresh fish from Puerto Cisnes, Chile
13_freshly made food lomo saltado maybe
Fresh made meat, veggies, and rice with local Patagonia beer
10_cafe in fancy lodge somewhere inbetween puerto tranquillo and the next
Fancy coffees in fancy lodges near Puerto Tranquilo, Chile
Maracuya and camu camu juice from Iquitos, Peru
24_comida de la selva
Comida de la selva
28_plantains on a lancha
Plantains and a sunset in the jungle of Peru
33_caldo verde
Caldo verde, a common Peruvian soup, in Cajamarca, Peru
34_beans from a tree
Freshly cooked giant beans from Peru (which were a beautiful red before they were cooked)
36_comida de chachapoyas
Appetizer and Peruvian beer from El Batan del Tayta in Chachapoyas, Peru
37_comida de chachapoyas
The main dish
Canchas (fried corn) with a pisco sour
When your coffee smiles back. Cafe Fusiones in Chachapoyas, Peru
43_coffee beans in colchon village
Coffee beans in the backyard of someone’s home in a small village near Chachapoyas
Ceviche in Huanchaco, Peru
Ensalada de rusa — Russian salad with potatoes and beets
Chicharrones de pescado
Homemade causa rellena de pollo in Lima
Huancaina in Lima, Peru
Estofado de res con yuca in Lima, Peru

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