The Argentine Tango Foundation Battles Parkinson’s On The Dance Floor

I recently wrote a profile on a non-profit organization in Buenos Aires which offers a tango dance therapy class for people with Parkinson’s. Check out some of the great work this organization and the instructor are doing in Buenos Aires! blog

Leaning back to get a wide view shot on her cell phone, Verónica Alegre filmed the afternoon milonga. She smiled—watching several minutes of steps back and forth around the room while her students moved in closer to one another, sometimes cheek to cheek, emulating the famous tango embrace. Her students were swaying to the rhythm, lifting up a foot at the end of a beat, and stepping in coordination underneath the mix of soft blue and red light from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.


It was a Tuesday afternoon at Fundación Tango Argentino during Alegre’s dance therapy class for people with Parkinson’s disease. They were learning how to dance tango at the unassuming studio between the Palermo and Chacarita neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Around a dozen older men and women attended the class each week. Some arrived alone while other arrived with their spouse, one of their…

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